Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Percussion Bitter Sweet !!

To me, Max Roach is up there with only a handful of others who
can be called the greatest Jazz musicians who ever lived. Most 
mistakenly think of him as just a talented drummer; His genius
extended far beyond that. Aside from also being an experimental
percussionist, he was a brilliant composer/ writer, and was very
active in the civil rights movements. I can't say enough about this
man, so go read about him if you're interested.

Bass – Art Davis
Congas – Carlos "Patato" Valeler*
Cowbell – Carlos "Totico" Eugenio*
Drums – Max Roach
Flute, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Eric Dolphy
Piano – Mal Waldron
Tenor Saxophone – Clifford Jordan
Trombone – Julian Priester
Trumpet – Booker Little
Vocals – Abbey Lincoln (tracks: A1, B2)

Max Roach

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