Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Call to Awaken a Giant!!

Two beautiful revolutionary jazz drops from Horace Tapscott in 1969 & 1978. Coming out from the depths of segregated Houston, Tx in the 30's (where, as a child, he experienced a profound racially charged event at home which left a lasting impression) he moved to LA after the army finding Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, and Cecil Taylor residing. There, he created grass roots music programs and played & recorded in the same building as the Black Panthers where he aided Elaine Brown in making her now quintessential Black empowerment releases 'Seize The Time' and 'Until We're Free'. He never made it "big" though seemed uninterested with such, remaining in Watts and got wrapped up with musicians like Azar Lawrence, Phil Ranelin and Adele Sebastien. There is much to this man and I suggest reading more into his past and work. 'The Call' was found posted in 2008 with a link still alive, so I have referred you to that blog. The other is as usual. Enjoy.

1978's The Call

1969's The Giant Is Awaened


  1. The Call

    The Giant

  2. Giant is a massive massive record!

  3. Thanks so much - great sounds!