Monday, February 11, 2013

The Electric Prunes!!

No, it isn't quite soul, gosp, funk, or jazz....or is it? Madlib fans will recognize 'Holy Are You', and you may catch samples from others such as Diamond D and Q-tip (who actually was the one to turn Diamond on to it). This is a record more for my fellow beat makers, though, I still believe you purists will dig this strange psyche-rock album (produced by David Axelrod) because it bares itself as an undercover funk drop. One just has to think creatively. Enjoy, and let me know what ya think!...

Where Madlib got it...

Madlib's spin is half way thru the track...


  1. Think creatively!!

  2. Thanks for this prime Axelrodness!

  3. I was surprised by the sunday school lyrics, but these are some fine psychedelic tunes

    1. Yeah it's a confusingly good album. Par for the course with Axelrod, though

  4. Could you please re-up this link?Thank you!