Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Roland Prince !!

I posted these albums back in 2012, when I first started blogging
after stumbling upon CD versions; Well worth the purchase.
The wiki page for Roland is incredibly short, literally stating
'Roland Prince was an Antiguan jazz guitarist. He was born in
St. John's. He died on July 15, 2016 aged 69.' There are
other sources to read about him, and sadly he was a part of
the mass musician exodus that was 2016. 

Bass – Bob Cranshaw (tracks: A2 to B3)
Drums – Al Foster (tracks: A1, A3, B1, B2), Eddie Moore (tracks: A2, A4, B3)
Guitar – Roland Prince
Keyboards – Kenny Barron (tracks: A1, A3 to B3)
Percussion – Al Chalk (tracks: A2 to B3)
Producer – Ed Bland
Saxophone – Frank Foster (tracks: B3 to B3)
Trumpet – Virgil Jones (tracks: A3, B1 to B3)
Written-By – Ed Bland (tracks: B1, B2), Roland Prince (tracks: A1 to A3, B3)

Color Visions

Bass – Bob Cranshaw (tracks: A1, A2, B2, B3), David Williams (2) (tracks: B1)
Drums – Al Foster (tracks: B2), Michael Carvin (tracks: B1), Mickey Roker (tracks: A1, A2, B3)
Flute – Frank Wiss*
Guitar – Roland Prince
Percussion – Al Chalk (tracks: B2)
Piano – Kenny Barron
Soprano Saxophone – Carter Jefferson (tracks: B1)
Tenor Saxophone – Frank Foster (tracks: B2), Frank Wiss* (tracks: A1, B3)
Trombone – Clifford Adams (tracks: B1)
Trumpet – Virgil Jones (tracks: B2)

Free Spirit


  1. Color Visions

    Free Spirit

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