Saturday, December 23, 2017

Krampusnacht !!

There is an interesting sub-genre that I
have taken a strong liking to. Dungeon
Synth! It's a real hit-or-miss genre, with
most people. If you're interested, here
is an intro article about it. Now, what
does this genre have to do with recent
X-mas posts? This Dungeon Synth
Christmas album from Greenland,
that's what. Give it a listen and let
me know if it strikes your interest.
I'm posting a direct link to the
artist's Bandcamp page. Enjoy :)



  1. Krampus is an Xmas urban folk legend in certain parts of the world. Germany I think.. Netherlands..and apparently.. Greenland too! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yeah I work with a woman who is Belgian and she talks about how scary Krampus was to her as a child.

      This is a fun album for an alternative to typical Christmas music