Monday, May 29, 2017

Mystery Album #5 !!

Time for yet another shot in the dark!
Hint: He was hugely influential to Little Richard,
both musically and in style of persona


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tjader Plays Mambo !!

Having finished his tenure with George Shearing in 1954, a thoroughly
Latin-inoculated Cal Tjader took off on his own, recording several
short slices of infectious Latin jazz, from which a dozen were selected
for this album. Many of the selections are standards retrofitted with
percolating Latin rhythms, cut and shaped to fit the old three-minute
limit of 45 or 78 rpm singles. Tjader's crystalline vibes are teamed
with a San Francisco Latin percussion section that lays down the
grooves crisply and succinctly, with an occasional emulation of the
more laid-back Shearing Latin sound ("East of the Sun"). Elsewhere,
Cal experiments with a hot four-man trumpet section on four of the
tracks, the best of which is a rhumba version of "Fascinating Rhythm."
The earliest Tjader-led recording of "Guarachi Guaro" (later known as
"Soul Sauce") is also included here. These seminal tracks helped
launch the Cal Tjader Latin jazz style, and they still sound fresher
than many other such historical landmarks. from

Bass – Carlos Duran
Congas – Edgar Rosales, Luis Miranda
Maracas – Edgar Rosales
Piano, Claves – Manuel Duran
Timbales, Cowbell, Congas – Bayardo Velarde
Trumpet – Al Porcino, Charlie Walp, Dick Collins, John Howell
Vibraphone, Cowbell – Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader
recorded live in
1954 & 1956

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Three Sounds !!

The band formed in Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States, as the
Four Sounds. The original line-up consisted of Gene Harris on piano,
Andrew Simpkins on double bass and Bill Dowdy on drums, along with
saxophonist Lonnie 'The Sound' Walker, who dropped out the following
year. The group moved to Washington and then New York, where, as the
Three Sounds, they cut a record for Riverside Records, before signing an
exclusive contract with Blue Note. Between 1958 and 1962, the group
released nine albums for Blue Note. They toured nationally during this
period, building a large following in jazz clubs across the country. The trio
played and recorded with the likes of saxophonists Lester Young, Lou
Donaldson, Stanley Turrentine and Sonny Stitt, cornet player Nat
Adderley, singer Anita O'Day, and guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli,
among others. (from Wikipedia)

Here are six albums by this group to enjoy. Each title has a Discogs
hyperlink to find out more info on it, such as the lineup, etc.







Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dark Shadows OST !!

This collection of recordings related to the '60's ABC-TV Gothic soap
opera includes selections from the original soundtrack, as well as many
un-issued tracks and several released on CD for the first time. Although
the disc obviously has a special appeal for fans of the series, the
arrangements by the Robert Cobert Orchestra are interesting
(whether purely orchestral or with a late-'60's rhythm section)
for those uninterested in the TV series at all. from

I have loved this show since I was a kid; catching the reruns
on late night television. But more than the show, the music
fascinated me. Creepy, Pop-ish, groovy, and harkening
to the Library sounds of any Horror-like, and Soap Opera
show/ movie of that time ...It's stellar. I stumbled upon
this CD just hours ago, and enjoy it so much that I
decided to post it today. Please enjoy!

The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde,
The Robert Cobert Orchestra, et al

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Philosophy Of The Spiritual !!

I recently posted Epistrophy & Now's The Time by
Richard. There, you can learn more about him,
and grab that release. Now onto another of his albums.
I recently won a bid for this on Ebay, and am
quite happy that I did so. I hope you enjoy
it as much as I do.

Bass – Bill Lee, Richard Davis
Drums – Sonny Brown
Guitar – Sam Brown
Percussion – Frankie Dunlop
Piano – Chick Corea

Richard Davis

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Power of Feeling !!

I came across a pristine copy of this album, just yesterday. My guess
is that it remained in such great shape because it was the property of
KTXT FM Radio (the non-commercial station of Texas Tech University
in Lubbock, Texas). Now, how it ended up in Houston would be fun to
find out. Yes, it's in the same state but a drive between the two cities is
520 miles (8 hours)! And, if you know anything about Lubbock, it's not
exactly an area known to have many Jazz listeners. Anyway ... this
albums states that it's by Sir Edward, but that's actually a
pseudonym of Harold Vick. With that being said, you
know it's gonna be a killer. I got this rip years ago
from the fantastic Never Enough Rhodes. If you
aren't hip it this blog, you need to! There, you'll
find a treasure trove of music, and also, much
more in-depth research on the albums. Enjoy

Bongos – Jumma Santos
Drums – David Lee
Electric Bass – Victor Gaskin
Electric Piano, Piano – Joe Bonner
Guitar, Flute – George Davis
Producer, Arranged By, Saxophone, Flute – Sir Edward
Vibraphone – Omar Clay

Sir Edward

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ghettos of the Mind !!

I'm short on time today, so I apologize for the lack of
any info on this post. That being said, this is a
fantastic album to sample, if you're into that.
Soulful, playful, and poet musings; An early
form of rap, over funky sounds. Enjoy!

Bernard Purdie - drums
Cornell Dupree - guitar
Gordon Edwards - bass
Richard Tee - piano
Bama - vocals

Bama The Village Poet

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joel Andrews !!

Joel Andrews, a spiritual harpist, began his teaching career at the age
of 27 as head of the harp department at the University of Texas. In 1960,
he arrived in San Francisco, where he threw himself into the rich beatnik
scene, the cultural riches of the city, and the spiritual offerings of the
Monterey area. In 1966, he studied with music healer Kay Ortman.
1968 saw Andrews continue his classical concert harp career, which
included a musician-in-residence stint at North Carolina State and a
series of solo concerts. In 1972, he became harpist for the improvis-
ational jazz group the Paul Winter Consort, but the following year,
Andrews withdrew from the formal music world to be a meta-
physical healer. He approaches his music healing through
science (he has worked with noted researcher Marcel Vogel),
symbolism, and working with higher sources. from

Harp - Joel Andrews

Locrian Invocation

Harp - Joel Andrews

Violet Flame

Mystery Album #4 !!

The time has come, yet again. I just pre-ordered this today
and simply have to share it! Smooth, sultry, Yacht music
with hard soul accents. If you're like me, and want to
purchase an LP copy, I'm sure you'll figure out
where to find it. Out of respect, I will only be
keeping the link up for a couple of days,
so grab it while you can. Enjoy!