Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joel Andrews !!

Joel Andrews, a spiritual harpist, began his teaching career at the age
of 27 as head of the harp department at the University of Texas. In 1960,
he arrived in San Francisco, where he threw himself into the rich beatnik
scene, the cultural riches of the city, and the spiritual offerings of the
Monterey area. In 1966, he studied with music healer Kay Ortman.
1968 saw Andrews continue his classical concert harp career, which
included a musician-in-residence stint at North Carolina State and a
series of solo concerts. In 1972, he became harpist for the improvis-
ational jazz group the Paul Winter Consort, but the following year,
Andrews withdrew from the formal music world to be a meta-
physical healer. He approaches his music healing through
science (he has worked with noted researcher Marcel Vogel),
symbolism, and working with higher sources. from Allmusic.com

Harp - Joel Andrews

Locrian Invocation

Harp - Joel Andrews

Violet Flame

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