Thursday, January 31, 2013

Janko Will Funk You Up!!

You may already possess this album, but for those of you who don't....GET IT! What miserable funky dopeness Janko has served here. Sampled and loved by many, this one will not let you down. By posting several of his works, I hope to demonstrate how musically diverse and capable Mr. Nilovic was. And perhaps you will being to deepen your roots into the library-production genre if you haven't already done so because there is always something else to hear. Just when a digger thinks there is no more to excavate, some dusty groove protrudes out from an unexpected mine and reveals the old as something new.



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Jazzy Janko!!

Another Janko to jam your jar off. Rythmes Contemporains is a French library-production joint by birth, just as yesterday's post. However, this could easily be mistaken as a soulful avante-big band jazz album by any of our name brand, beloved musicians of that golden time. With a huge sound full of horns, psych guitar solos, and disturbingly awesome drumming, this is a great one to drop your digital needle on. Enjoy...


Give it a listen.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Janko's Sweet Colours!!

I am on a Janko Nilovic binge at the moment, so please excuse any future posting if the content clings to this master of production music. Although 'Sweet Colours' (about 50% produced by J.N.) is not as beloved as 'Soul Impressions' it is delicious, nonetheless, and loaded with samples and chilled tunes to wash your worries away. It is unique, odd, funky, inspiring, and lame. Interested? If you have little to none of this man's music, worry not, for you soon will. Go Janko, go!



Monday, January 28, 2013

Kuumba-Toudie Heath's Kawaida!!

An octet sporting Don Cherry AND Herbie Hancock? Um...yes, please! Originally recorded in 1969 (reissued by Don or Herb circa 1975 according to with a spiritual hard-bop style, you will need no steak sauce for this fine organic cut of meat. Just press play and let these cats take you away....

Not too many cuts on Youtube but here are a couple...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 by Philip Cohran!!

Long time, no see! Anyway, back to it... I can not speak too highly of this man's worth. In both musical and political-social stance, Phil has filled the air with dopeness, having only a fraction of the tunes recorded for the future, sadly. Nevertheless, here is an album of compiled material from the 60's/ 70's put out in 2001 ( info) with a repost of the memorial to Malcolm X because it is just so damn good. G-g-g-get to it, Jack!


If you are familiar with Phil Cohran than you probably love his angry spiritual jazz compositions. Here, he made an entire album to honor Malcolm X, and it is wicked. Each 4 songs correspond with a part of the brother's life, and Phil did a superb job at showing heavy respect. Honor Brother Malcolm!