Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Like A Jungle Sometimes!!

Lately I've been posting quite a few each day, I know,  but I have compiled a list of albums I wish to share on this blog and I am nowhere near the end. In fact, I am just beginning :) I share because I myself have accumulated so much from the kindness of others, and in doing so have expanded my own musical style. And I know there are others out there who do the same. Anyhow, I bought a reissue of this just the other day at Vinyl Edge in Houston, TX and am happy to say the least. You wanna be happy too, right?

Have A Piña Marijata On The House.

To continue the African funk theme, I am dropping this recently acquired gem. I love the cover. It reminds me of late 70's punk posters or simple screen print art. Too cool 4 school, Jack! Play it all the way through because your soul needs it's vitamins and minerals. Have a drink on the house.

Free Your Soul!!

Don't be fooled by the cover art. This is a bad mama jama! It has a 'Skull Snaps' kind of feel to it, and that's a good compliment. You may recognize a sample or two. So, get down with a free soul!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aliens Have Landed!!

Today's 2nd album pick. If you love psycho-soul, especially with an African twist, then this is the album for you. When I first listened I was very pleasantly surprised. There are many many many groups out of Africa in the 60's and 70's which are UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE! And this is one of them. So, if you don't believe in aliens, you should.

A Beautiful Black Ruby!!

Well, so much for disappearing while on vacation :) My God, this album is slept on! What a shame. This is why digging is sooo worth the pain, money and heartache. Because there are gems just thrown into the great abyss of the past only to be heard by those who grab their shovels. I say again, what a damn shame! One of the many benefits my parents bestowed me was a deep knowledge of the unknown soul and jazz of their days. Every time I "discover" another masterpiece my Dad will respond, "You didn't know about that?!". No Dad. And until you compile a list of all the bad-assery out there that you know of, it is up to fate. Anywhooo, This is one HELL of a soul album  from '72 which  holds it's own to ANY of the giants around the late 60's, early 70's. 
Again, I really will not spent any time elaborating on an album's production or an elaborate review, but a brief synopsis followed by a full dose of the album. Love for anyone who leaves comments, and I really like to hear what you cats want. So, let me know. Black is back. So, dig it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now's The Time!!

And a follow up with a true jazz bad-drop. The immensely dope Richard Davis' 'Now's The Time'. The bass line on the first cut (Epistrophy) is soooo venomous! Each cut hovers around 20 minutes but I suggest you play them all the way through. Richard's other album done around the same era 'Dealin' is, in my opinion, more palatable but 'Now's The Time' speaks great volume with it's socio-conscious tones and free jazz yields. It is a great live performance in this sub-genre of spiritual free-soul jazz. I threw in an extra song (Highest Mountain) which is not on the original LP release but is on the CD format< I could be mistaken with that, but whatever. Anyway....The time is NOW!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Visions of the Prince!!

Color Visions by Roland Prince sports help from Bob Cranshaw and Frank Foster. More details are here, if interested. I am normally not much of a sucker for jazz guitarists. However, Roland ranks up there with Grant Green, Wes, and G. least I like to think so. I love the free and smooth-psyche style this album has and have found a couple breaks here and there for a more unusual taste of samples. I know it isn't THAT rare of a drop since it's available on iWhore, but I have yet to see it posted on another blog so I wish to share it. Cool?

I also want to ask of you for any requests of albums or genres that you may want/ need. God only knows what I have in my collection and I am more than willing to share. Just shoot a comment and tell me what you are digging for and I may have it to post once I return from vaca. All hail to The Prince

Steve Reid's 1976 'Nova'

This is a great little number from a man who stood his ground by going to prison for 2 years as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war. I also read that he once lived next to Coltrane as well as worked in a department store with Ornette Coleman. There is a lot more to the guy so I suggest you look up the guy's creds. I found this album posted on Ebay for a crazy $600.00! And this is where digital collecting comes in handy, to me. The ability to sample and/ or listen to a rare LP which would other wise be tucked away in some collector's shelves never to be shared is wonderful, and this broke digger will take it however I can get it. So, give a listen to Steve Reid's ism.

Steve Reid: Drums
Joe Rigby (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Ahmed Abdullah (trumpet);
Les Walker (piano, organ);
Richard Williams (electric bass)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Service with the Gospel Storytellers!!

Your unrepentant soul is in for a baptismal treat! This is exemplary gosp-soul created with the guidance of Earl Wright, whom you may know as the guitarist for the funky Oliver Sain, and as a composer on O.V. Wright's 'Memphis Unlimited'. What's that? Not a Christian? Worry not. These cuts are so soulfully funky it's righteousness will rock the sin right out of ya! So have your own private church service through your headphones and turn your ears to the breaks of salvation.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ethio Ism!!

This is one of THE best African jazz groups I have ever come across. And I say that with heavy seriousness. This is really stern spiritual funk-jazz that is bad in it's blood, Jack! Slap-that-ass goodness and full of the vitamins and minerals for soul. It has been reissued and happened my way at a Houston vinyl shop. And I'm so, so glad it did. What more can I say, except listen.

The Awakening!

Okay, this Black Jazz Records group is the closest I've heard come to Lightmen as far as sound. And not only do I love them but every artist on the label. I may eventually post the entire catalog, but we shall see. Here is one of two albums released by them, 'Hear, Sense & Feel'. If you dig spiritual funky jazz than dump this into your digital crate. Wake up!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sons & Daughters!!!

This is a great soul jazz funk album to jam. Not many breaks in it to use but inspiring, nonetheless.
Features: Basuki Bala, Marty Payne, Paul Fenner III, Michael Oliver Warren, Marc Smith, Jdlinkomo (W.C. Daniels), Terry Lawyer, Snip Milton Jr., Babatunde, Jeanne Coffey, Kalamu Chache, Lakiba Pittman
Enjoy my sons and daughters. Shan't you?