Monday, August 27, 2012

Steve Reid's 1976 'Nova'

This is a great little number from a man who stood his ground by going to prison for 2 years as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war. I also read that he once lived next to Coltrane as well as worked in a department store with Ornette Coleman. There is a lot more to the guy so I suggest you look up the guy's creds. I found this album posted on Ebay for a crazy $600.00! And this is where digital collecting comes in handy, to me. The ability to sample and/ or listen to a rare LP which would other wise be tucked away in some collector's shelves never to be shared is wonderful, and this broke digger will take it however I can get it. So, give a listen to Steve Reid's ism.

Steve Reid: Drums
Joe Rigby (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Ahmed Abdullah (trumpet);
Les Walker (piano, organ);
Richard Williams (electric bass)


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  2. Deep respect Ed..Yea agree with all you say..