Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday's Universe!!

Madlib, aka Otis Jackson Jr., aka Quasimoto, aka a million other pseudonyms, is a well documented jazz lover and digger. He proudly boasts in his rhymes how his record collection contains "the good shit". As with 'The Funky Side Of Life', this is another of his side projects. Yesterday's New Quintet is mainly his child, where he both composes as well as plays multiple instruments. Quite impressive. There is a full on attempt to replicate that indefinable late 60's early 70's sound jazz-funk-soul had. In this release there are several fictitious bands listed as the performers, but it's really just him and a few musicians doing covers and original compositions. I normally do not take a liking to anything new in jazz. There are exceptions and YNQ is one. 

See what I mean?...

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