Friday, September 28, 2012

The Doctor Will See You Now!!

One of the cool lesser known aspects of Eddie Henderson is that he is a medical doctor. From '75 to '85 he practiced in San Francisco 4 hours a day and the rest was left to music. In fact he took that job on a stipulation that whenever touring came up, he must be free to come and go as the music demanded. How badass would it be to have had Dr. Henderson treat your flu? Eddie is synonymous with fusion funk jazz and basically all of his albums are solid examples of that sub-genre. He has played with many big boys, and certainly earned such validity. 'Inside Out' is from 1974 on Capricorn Records. It has a 'Bitches Brew' kinda feel to it while still having a sound of it's own, sporting musicians who aren't very well known but had unique styles to offer. And, here is the result...

'Dreams' off of the album...


L.A. Carnival 45:
a) Pose A Question
b) Can You Hum A Tune

You like?...


  1. Rx...

  2. LA Carnival

  3. Wow! Thank you soooo much! I've been digging into Herbie's Mwandishi group in anticipation of reading the new biography of the band and despite being aware of Mr. Henderson's discography had no idea this release existed! Really digging this. All the best!