Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liberating The Sounds Of Jazz!!

Remaining on the subject of Byard Lancaster, here is a group he was in named Sounds Of Liberation. This is quite the bipolar album being that half of the tracks are free jazz and the others are hip-soul jazz. Also, the song lengths are either a few minutes or 10 to 20 minutes. But, that just means there is something for us all. Here is a synopsis of them found on Amazon:

'Formed in the early 70s, the Sounds of Liberation was a group of Philadelphia musicians made up of Byard Lancaster, Khan Jamal, Monnette Sudler, Omar Hill, Dwight James, Rashid Salim and Billy Mills. The Sounds of Liberation mixed jazz, funk, free jazz and spiritual jazz into a harmonious celebration of sound. With their infectious music they even found themselves playing along side Kool and the Gang at the 6th Annual Miss Black America pageant.'

As that review notes, this group is liberating (pardon that word) in it's lack of any definitive sub-genre. I thought to choose yet another that although contains free jazz, it's in bite sizes, and mixed with a soulful style, making it more palatable. So, if you enjoyed yesterday's post, then I know you're gonna dig this!

A sample.....


  1. Shan't you?


  2. Been looking for this Ed, many, many thanks.

  3. Wow, never heard of this one before - sounds great! Thanks for sharing this and the other gems too.

  4. Very belatedly want to say thanks for this, Glenn. I used to see Monette Sudler perform in Philly clubs fairly often back in the day...