Monday, September 24, 2012

Expressing Your Artistic Truth!!

alto sax, flute-Sonny Fortune
bari sax, clarinet-Harriet Bluiett
bass-Reggie Workman
drums, percussion-The Man Himself
electric piano-Hilton Ruiz
percussion-Lawrence Williams, Richard Landrum
piano-Joseph Bonner
tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet-John Stubberfield
trumpet, flugelhorn-Cecil Bridgewater
trumpet, horn-Olu Dara
vocals-Eddie Jefferson

.....(Sigh)....Quite a bit of personnel, but it's worth it. Although there are crowded moments within most of the songs, it still is a smashing live performance by a very intense group of jazz musicians named The Artistic Truth. Certainly another garage recorded show, so there is that divine grungy smudgy sound . The record is yet another dirty gem by Jazzman. I'm keeping an eye out on it's releases because they are on a roll, man. Well, I believe this to be very nourishing soul, so give it a go, eh?

Don't ya wanna listen?...


  1. Sickeningly soulful...

  2. Whew! With a line-up like that it`s gotta be worth a listen! Thanks!