Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lift Your Voice!!

Another spiritual drop, but spiritual in that transcending of denominations kind. I will grab anything by Mr. Roach. This guy was living what he said and mastered his art form. He protested the Newport Jazz Festival's treatment of blacks. Some of his recordings were banned, and he vowed always to make music with social significance. O.G., right? I plan to post several of his but since the previous 2 albums are highly spiritual I will start with this one. Let us all lift our voices and sing for what Max has given us!


  1. Featuring the majestic Billy Harper,music from the heart Eddie,a beautiful record.

    1. Dude, I was gonna post Capra Black by Billy today but did others instead. The fact that you know of, and love Billy Harper speaks volumes abut your musical taste and knowledge. I tip my proverbial hat to you, sir!