Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your Long Lost Funky Uncle!!

Well, so far the poll that I posted has an overwhelming lean toward jazz, so here is a little treat for ya. Self-written, self-produced, self-recorded, self-pressed, and self-distributed. Wow! Another one where cheap cover art equals killer material. This was an obscure grail for a long time, until Jazzman reissued it in 2008. It has some hard funky cuts on it. Explosive jam jazz, I'd say. Take a listen to determine if it's worth your time. I think so.



  1. Shan't you?

  2. Gold ears
    very good blog
    many thanks

  3. Ed, have got Uncle Funkenstein Died (hope not)as a single, so really looking forward to this monster (pun absolutely intended). Again, many thanks. John

  4. Hello,
    I referenced your blog in an aggregator that I opened few months ago. Tell me if you agree to be there and if you can add a link of my blog on your bloglist.
    thank you, merci,

  5. Yeah that's cool. Which aggregator is it? Oh, and that's for the notice... I'll add you to the blog roll