Saturday, September 8, 2012

Naming Evan Evans!!

Ah, Bill Evans! The man was a genius, easily. He played on and led some of the greatest jazz albums of all time. Every note he played seemed as well calculated as mathematician would numbers, and yet he expressed such beautiful unrest with the same trained hands . A true artist. Now, I find it humorous that this brilliant man named his son Evan......Evan Evans..... Well, to each, their own. I have read that early in Bill's career he was given a hard time by other musicians for being white, and that Miles Davis told everyone that Evans was cool, and to let him be. Don't we all wish to have Miles backing our reputation as being cool? This album was recorded in 1974 and is backed with an orchestra conducted by Claus Ogerman. How it sounds: Spiraling moods; haunting and introverted; painfully beautiful at times; an intensity only an orchestra can provide. Quite unlike Bill's others, if you ask me. Symbiosis!