Monday, September 10, 2012

Marvin's Trouble!!

When I first saw Trouble Man, I was so interested with it's music that I lost my attention for the movie itself. To find out that the MV had made it only fascinated me more. I went digging for a week until I came across a record of it. It was worth every minute of that search. This has got to be Marvin Gaye's best work...And I know that's quite a statement, but if you haven't heard this blaxploitation OST that he composed, brother, you better get to it! Both funk and dark 'Library-esque' suspense, symphonic, as well as Marvin's unequivocal singing land this one as a top list OST. Trouble Man is here to solve yo' s**t!


  1. Shan't you?

  2. gotta agree...I was a HUGE Marvin (and Stevie Wonder) fan back in the early 1970s. I was working in my first record store (1971-1998) and if we weren't playing the current Top FM staples ( like Neil Young Harvest or Jethro Tull or Allman Bros) we dug deep into tyhe R&B lexicon, Jimmy Reed, John Coltrane & Miles and MArvin & Stevie. God we pplayed Let's Get It On CONSTANTLY u til THIS one came out. I used the title song "Trouble Man' which bleeds into the next instrumental track as my 'closer' for years when I started DJing in a hip concert club. I coulde put this (and any similar period Marvin) on whether it was Pop, Jazz, R&B and sometimes for the blues, too. One of my ALL TIME favorite recordings. Thanks for the if I could find those expanded editions of Stevie & Marvin from that era that Motown released during the last decade....

    1. Great story, man! That's what I like to hear. I'll see if I can track down any of those 'expanded editions' you're talking about. Glad you like it and thanks for commenting!