Monday, October 15, 2012

Fields' World!!

Lee Fields' soulful music was first pressed in '69 as only a single. Continuing as 45's, he chronologically skipped through the seventies until 1979 when he finally landed a full album entitled 'Let's Talk It Over', and Lee smashes it to pieces. He proved to be as talented and painfully soulful as any giant of the 60's and 70's. But '79 is a late start to say the least in the style of classic Motown-esque soul, so Lee has drifted steadily under the radar, leaving a trail of knock outs. Now he is considered to be a large figure in the New Soul Revival which has recently produced some new and just-as-dope-as-the-past styles. The Budos Band, Sharon Jones, El Michels Affair, DeRoberts and the Half Truths, and on. All of which can really fool you as far as it's true antiquity. I am guilty of often not following much 'new' music, but this is something of it's own: A well executed retro-neo-deep funk-r&b movement in music by artists who are genuinely soulful and terribly honest in their craft. Back to Mr. Fields, here is, believe it or not, a 2009 release called 'My World'. Backed by an equally solid funk ensemble, The Expressions,  Lee bares a performance of dynamic soul that sounds so native to the late 60's style, it even has a gritty dirty production giving a faux patina. 

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