Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Two from the Sun !!

 Both of these albums have been occupying my car speakers, as I drudge myself back and forth from work. Two from the Sun for you ...

(self titled)

Ramsey Lewis
Sun Goddess

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Windows !!

"Quite a slick jazz guitar album with a very moody night time vibe! It kind of reminds me of a Wes Montgomery record in the way the guitars are recorded in such a grainy (yet fitting) way, only with a bit more tense guitar playing by Jack Wilkins. It's probably best known for the song "Red Clay", which was cleverly sampled by Q-Tip in A Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight Marauders" (another album with a great night life vibe!) that has a sick bass line and a hypnotic chord progression. The other songs still stand well on their own, such as the lethargic cover of Coltrane's "Naima", contrasting to the fast paced "Canzona". The songs aren't too long or too short and the whole album clocks in at around a half hour, delivering a solid debut for Jack Wilkins."
-review from Allmusic.com

Jack Wilkins

Friday, January 19, 2018

Face to Face !!

Back to the usual grind of Jazz & Soul; The bread and butter of An Isms content. Every now and then, I like to stray from what this blog was initially intended for. In a future post, I may delve into some lesser known Folk, etc ... Please, feel free to let me know what you think, or what you'd rather see posted, here. I have quite a diverse taste and music collection. What appears on this blog is the tip of the iceberg.

"After 1981's foray into funk (Closer), Soccio returned to his dance music roots a bit with this album. It contains some very good tracks, notably "Remember," "It's Alright," and two others. It also revisits the hooks from Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" and early SOS Band. As such, it is less original than Soccio's outstanding first lp. It does, however, show beginning ventures into the New Wavish electronic music that would become prominent in dance in this and the next several years with groups such as Visage."
-review from Amamzon.com

Gino Soccio

Thursday, January 18, 2018

1998:La Storia Di Sabazio !!

The fifth and final post of Prog-Rock. It's been interesting to delve into this genre. Specifically, to hear a slice of how Italy interpreted it. 

"To say [that] Emerson Lake & Palmer were highly influential in Italy would be the understatement of the decade during the 70's: not only were Le Orme, and Banco DMS, but countless lesser-known bands that recorded just on[e] or two albums at the time. Amongst which Triade (named after the Chinese mafia), a keyboard-dominated trio (from Florence) whose sole album was released in 73 on a small label named Derby. While there has been three different reissues, (Si-Wan, Vynil Magic and a MMG-Warner issue), none give out any kind of info (legible to this writer) as to whether this album is a concept album (but most likely it is) and they are obviously augmented by at least one string player (a cellist is sure), which could be the bassist."
-review from Progarchives.com


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aktuala !!

Well, work is cancelled due to inclement winter weather. As a result, I'm taking this free time to post the fourth addition to my recent Prog-Rock theme, a little early. I've added a photo of our current condition, here in Houston, Texas. Now ....I know it doesn't SEEM like it's all that bad but, our city is not equipped to deal with snow and ice haha. So, it's rather treacherous. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy the album ...

"Debut album from this atypical Italian quintet that preferred a faraway folklore to its own. Indeed, this pack of musicians probably took the proverbial hippie trip to India and never really came back. Their whole quiet and reflective sound depends solely on Indian classical music and they do not try to change or modernize it as much as other "specialist" groups such as the British Quintessence or the German Embryo. ....the group uses acoustic instruments only, ranging from Western Sahara to the Far Eastern bamboo flute, but avoids the Indian sitar. The only non-conventional-sounding instrument is the saxophone, which does bring in the odd jazz phrasing to their spectrum."
 -review from Progarchives.com


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Voci !!

The third installment to my recent
Prog-Rock posts. And, although this
album is often categorized under that
sub-genre, I feel that it borders more
on the Neo-Classical side. Regardless,
let me know what you think ... What
genre do you think it is? Enjoy ...

'"When I composed Voci my main aim was to get rid of the symphonic rock sound clichés, and bring music to a total dimension. My academic training helped me to form and structure melody, harmony and rhythm in order to create a kind of sonic phase, far away from foreign influences able to reach the sun-rays of sonic universe in those days. In all tracks I tried to sound alive, highlighting expressive dynamics, looking for more innovation and a new approach to counterpoints. Voci is a record that still surprises me after more than 30 years although my composing work has taken a very different course nowadays." -Luciano Basso, July 2007

Luciano Basso is a keyboard extraordinaire from Venice who started playing as a child of 10 years old. He had a deep musical education, is a composer and concert performer, and currently teaches music as well. He has recorded many albums that I have not heard, this first one I believe is the most "prog" while later material became more in the contemporary classical music style. Voci is a dynamic instrumental powerhouse with much life and vigor, and album guaranteed to delight fans of solid composition, virtuoso piano playing, and those who enjoy strings in their prog.'

Luciano Basso

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What Me Worry? !!

The second installment of lesser known
70's Prog-rock. I hope you guys are enjoying
this somewhat departure from my
usual Jazz-Soul posts ...

"Electric Frankenstein was the solo project of the multi
instrumentalist Paolo Tofani who is best known for his work
with the band Area. Tofani plays all the instruments by himself
on this lone Electric Frankenstein album. The result is a highly
satisfying mix of psychedelia and progressive rock."
-user review from Rateyourmusic.com

Electric Frankenstein