Sunday, March 26, 2017

People Moving !!

This is a requested re-up, and I'm glad to do so because it
puts this album back into my hears. I mean, just look at the
lineup: Patricia Rushen, Lee Ritenour, Mtume ....It's fantastic!
To me, the best cut off of this is Gratitude, which is a nod to
God; Fitting into my recent Gospel theme. If you're unfamiliar

Cheryl Barnes Vocals
George Bohannon Trombone
Oscar Brashear Trumpet
John Brown Guitar, Synthesizer
Buddy Collette Sax (Tenor)
Chuck Findley Trumpet
Paul Jackson Guitar (Bass)
Paul Jackson, Jr. Bass (Electric)
Josie James Vocals
Azar Lawrence Primary Artist, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Harvey Mason, Sr. Drums
Mtume Percussion
James Mtume Percussion
Jerry Peters Arranger, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer
Richie Ricardo Percussion
Lee Ritenour Guitar
John Rowin Guitar
Patrice Rushen Arranger, Keyboards, Piano, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer, Vocals
Skip Scarborough Arranger, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer
Michael Stanton Arranger, Clavichord, Keyboards, Piano, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer
Ernie Watts Sax (Alto)
Michael Wright Vocals

Azar Lawrence

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Request From Me

There is an album, or rather a series of albums that I am desperate to find. 
It's called American Giovane, and I'm looking specifically for the one
done by Daniela Casa. But I really want ANY of that series.
If any of you have it, please share it with me :)

Faith Is The Key !!

Founded by ordained bishop Larry H. Jordan and his brother-in-law
Frank Tinsley in the early 1980s, Enlightment was among the first groups
to fuse modern R&B production with gospel themes. Unfortunately, the
independent release of their 1984 debut album Faith Is The Key was
torpedoed when both their distributor and pressing plant went out of
business. After more than three decades as a lost classic, the debut album
by this Washington DC soul/gospel outfit has since been reissued; Once
unofficially, and now by Nature Sounds. However, Discogs reviews claim
that not only do some of the tracks have clicking sounds, but also the cover
art is blurred, leaving us to wonder if this too is unofficial or just poor
reproduction by the label. Regardless, enjoy!

Arranged By – Larry H. Jordan
Backing Vocals – Larry H. Jordan, Marilyn Monroe (2), Rhonda Lathon Holmes, Sheila Stubblefield
Design – Patti Koehler
Drums – Harold Young
Engineer – Kevin Raiman
Executive-producer – Frank Tinsley
Guitar – Tony Harod
Horns – Tim Eyermann
Photography By – Ronald Floyd
Producer – Larry H. Jordan
Saxophone – Joe Garling
Synthesizer – Al Johnson


Friday, March 24, 2017

Office Romance OST !!

USSR state label Мелодия (Melody) was founded in 1964. It was the only label
within the Soviet Union after that year. I recently came across six albums from
this label which were released in the 70's and 80's. This is by far the best of
those finds. In Cyrillic, the title is Служебный Роман, and it's soundtrack
meanders through Jazz, Library, and funky Pop. Mine is a 1979 reissue,
so I've provided both it's cover as well as the original.

Conductor – Э. Хачатурян*
Engineer [Uncredited] – Юрий Рабинович
Music By – Андрей Петров
Orchestra – Оркестр Госкино СССР*
Vocals – А. Фрейндлих* (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B10, B13), А. Мягков* (tracks: A6, B7, B9, B13)
Vocals [Вокальный Ансамбль] – Unknown Artist

Андрей Петров
(Andrey Petrov)

**1979 reissue cover

**original cover
movie poster

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Music Library !!

The Music Library is a compilation of cover artwork from some
of the most important, and beautiful, library LPs made throughout
the 50s, 60s and 70s. It features a foreword by Dammers
and an exclusive CD of rare recordings. Library music (also known
as source music and, occasionally, mood music) was first made for people
who needed cheap, somewhat generic music as backgrounds for animations,
low-budget advertisements, and television programs. Unavailable commercially
to the public, this music was pressed beginning in the 1950s in limited
quantities, and then sent directly to production houses and
radio stations for use when necessary.

Various Artists

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Guitar Interludes !!

I ran across this album the other day for only a couple dollars,
so I had to get it. Little did I know that this 1977 reissue is worth
about $50. The original is in the couple hundred range. Joe is 
considered by many to be one of the greatest Jazz guitarists
of the 20th century. This was apparently the record which
bumped him out of a career slump.

Arranged By, Conductor – Robert C. Smale*
Bass – Monty Budwig
Cello – Jess Ehrlich*
Design [Album] – Dilleen Marsh
Drums – Colin Bailey
Engineer [Consulting] – Rod Nicas
Executive-Producer – Dennis Smith (4)
Graphics – Jeremy Kay (4)
Guitar – Joe Pass
Keyboards – Mike Melvoin
Percussion – Victor Feldman
Producer – Albert Marx
Rhythm Guitar – Vincent Terri
Vocals – Bob Tebow, Gene Merlino, Gwen Johnson, Jim Bryant, John Bahler, Nancy Adams, Vangie Carmichael

Joe Pass

Sunday, March 19, 2017

There Is A God Somewhere !!

Continuing with the theme of rare, yet killer Gospel-Soul,
this Nashville recorded God-revering album is considered
a Holy Grail of this subgenre. This vinyl rip is not my own,
and I can't remember what blog I originally got it from.
However, I came to know of the album through an episode of
Crate Diggers. At this point, there have been several reissues, so
grab a copy if you want it on wax

Earl Wright: lead guitar,Rhythm and Bass Guitars
Andre Watts: Rhythm and Bass Guitars
Jesse Jones ,Sr: Bass Guitar
Jesse Jones ,Jr:Drums
Dave Reece: Piano and Organ
Vocal background: John Neal,Jesse Jones, Earl Wright
Lead Vocals: Andre Watts, Earl Wright
Earl Wright (3)music with Oliver Sain

Andrew Wartts
and The Gospel Storytellers