Thursday, June 1, 2017

Odds Against Tomorrow OST !!

Music from Odds Against Tomorrow (also released as Patterns) is an
album by American jazz group the Modern Jazz Quartet featuring
interpretations of the soundtrack score for the 1959 motion picture.
It was released on United Artists Records, the label that the films'
production company United Artists just founded two years earlier
for its film soundtracks. The album was recorded with the
Modern Jazz Quartet and a 22-piece orchestra.

Pianist John Lewis wrote and arranged the original score. Although
he had already written music for No Sun in Venice, this was the first
time Lewis—given early 16 mm film proofs—composed along the
story-line rather than delivering “a set of isolated pieces”. Gunther
Schuller, who organized the orchestra for the original soundtrack
recordings, noticed that “it can serve its purpose in the film. But
it can also stand as absolute music apart from the
 original situation.” from Wikipedia

Modern Jazz Quartet



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