Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dry Your Eyes !!

As was the custom of the day, Brenda & the Tabulations' debut album
was overstuffed with familiar cover versions, which were done respect-
ably; actually, the sultry, drawn-out reading of "Summertime" is really
good, as is the calypso-ish take of the Marvelettes' "Forever." There are
also a few more originals by the Brenda Payton-Maurice Coates team
responsible for "Dry Your Eyes," including the low-charting single "Just
Once in a Lifetime"; this has a similar marriage of doo wop-type vocals
with the lush orchestration for which Philadelphia soul was famous.
The album had yet two more small soul hits in "Stay Together Young
Lovers" and Smokey Robinson's "Who's Loving You?"

This is yet another album which I scored this week,
while on the hunt in Montrose, Houston, TX.

Brenda & The Tabulations