Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anatomy of a Murder OST !!

This was Duke Ellington's first film score, undertaken at the urging
of Anatomy of a Murder's director, Otto Preminger. The full range of
the composer's previous work was brought to bear on this 1959 work.
Ellington was a natural choice to convey the rich and varied emotional
moods of this drama. Tension and release, danger and safety, movement
and stillness, darkness and light; the textural palette that was
Ellington's signature was always compellingly cinematic.

In these orchestral settings, Duke's soloists (Cat Anderson, Clark Terry,
Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, and others) shine, as their playing reflects
true variations on a theme in a classical sense. That's not to say that this
set doesn't swing, too -- "Happy Anatomy" is a short but fully cranked
gallop. This is an album of rich variety and evocative writing.

Duke Ellington