Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Private Hell 36 & The Sweet Smell Of Success OST !!

Two more 1950's era soundtracks to complete my recent theme of posts.

Leith Stevens


The Chico Hamilton Quintet


  1. Private Hell 36

    Sweet Smell of Success

  2. Man, you are the OST god! I only became familiar with TSSoS a few years ago. Between all the 50’s cliche hipster/gangster dialogue, (“Match me Sidney”, “I love this dirty town…”, “You’re dead! Go get yourself buried”) and Chico Hamilton’s group playing cocktail jazz charts from a club too hip to have ever existed, it’s just an icon of its genre. No one will EVER be this cool, but it does give something to shoot for. I've never watched Private Hell, so I'd better hunt that one down if I know what's good for me. Thanks bub!

    1. I've actually seen neither of these films, and I live classic movies. 'm a huge fan of soundtracks, so these were something that I had to have. Especially, Man with the Golden Arm, and Touch of Evil

  3. The SSoS file starts with track 6. Is that correct or am I missing 5 tracks?

    Both films are a real hoot. There are only clips of SSoS on youtube, but I was able the find a complete version of PH36:


    'If yuz knows what's good for ya, you'll check it out mack!' I haven't watched it myself, but it's on the list. Thanks for making me aware.

    1. It says it starts at that because the tracks are off of a 6 film soundtrack set. So, on the CD, its track 6 etc, when it's actually #1, or whatever it is on the original album release

  4. you MUST see Sweet Smell of Success and not just on youtube . . .