Friday, June 16, 2017


For the next two weeks I'll not be putting up any new
posts. My girlfriend and I are headed to Big Bend
National Park, in far mountainous west Texas. We
plan to camp, rock hunt, and check out some of the
oddball towns like Terlingua and Marfa. Once I re-
turn, I should be refreshed and ready to share some
more music with you all.



  1. Only been through west Texas once and found it stark and beautiful. I know you'll both have a great time. See you on the other side...

  2. Sounds fun!!! Even though I'm originally from Texas, I haven't visited West Texas towns. I have been to Big Bend...a LONG time ago, and I visit my brother in El Paso every year...but I really have never gotten around to visiting the small towns in that area.

    1. That's great that you've been there. I was overwhelmed by the intense scenery. I mean, I knew TX had mountains, but Big Bend is amazing

  3. Have a great vacation – I love your blog!

  4. Rock hunting, eh? Have fun!