Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Man with the Golden Arm OST !!

One of the finest jazz soundtracks to come out of the '50s, The Man
with the Golden Arm is taken from the Otto Preminger film of the same
name. Preminger was always very jazz influenced, and on this film he
took his chances with Elmer Bernstein. Although the entire film is not
strictly jazz, the awesome dynamics and oddball structure of the music
is very based in the genre. Admittedly, the soundtrack works a little better
with knowledge of the film, but on its own it still shines as an excellent
example of how good film music can get. Bernstein's control over the
smallest details of the music is what gives it the energy it contains; his
blustery horns and deep percussion are only the front while some gorge-
ous orchestration happens almost unnoticed behind the music. Fans of
Bernstein should definitely give this a listen, as should any fans of
mainstream musicians' reaction to the post-bop era of jazz. This
is on par with Henry Mancini's brilliant Touch of Evil score and
Duke Ellington's strikingly similar Anatomy 
of a Murder soundtrack.

Elmer Bernstein



  2. Fantastic, cant wait to listen to this! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the share....great music ......from a great film....much obliged

  4. Stone cold classic. Glad to now have it in the library. thx!