Wednesday, March 28, 2018

At Long Last !!

I can not tell you how long I have waited to own a physical vinyl copy of this record. Once, I got into a vicious bidding war on Ebay for it. When it inevitably hit above the $400.00 mark, I had to gracefully bow out; I had reached my predetermined limit. Oh, how disappointed I was. This album (which was only available in original pressing, at the time) almost NEVER came up for sale. Well, a little over a year ago, I became friends with the son of Bubbha Thomas (William Thomas, who's quite the musician, himself. Check out Bayou City Brass Band) and he informed me that all of his dad's 70's albums would be reissued in the coming year. Hearing that warmed my vinyl heart. This album, and Energy Control Center are, to me, the best that Lightmen have to offer. And, DAMN, do they offer the best Spiritual Jazz. The BEST!! Here it is, in MONO ...

The Lightmen 
Plus One
Fancy Pants



  2. oh my, dis iz da bomb!

  3. Yikes! Thanks for the chance to have a listen

  4. wow! you weren't kidding. excellent! this thing is definitely flac-worthy, 320 for sure. do you have access to the personnel and any other info?


  5. I have a much more data-heavy WAV version of these files, which was what came with the reissue. I’ll post a link to them here, in the next couple of days. Also, here’s the actual record that I bought ...

    1. Please do upload it, WAV or FLAC - it'd be much appreciated! Thank you for offering! :)

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  7. Ed, you're so generous making this kind of thing available to us! Huge thanks!!
    Ace, Australia

  8. Jay says: Look forward to you posting the lossless version. Thanks.

  9. thanks for this! lossless version would be great