Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Black Jazz Records Discography !!

Co-founded in 1971 by Gene Russell (pianist) along with Dick Schoryl.
Russell founded the label as an alternative to traditional jazz, invoking a
more political and spiritual tone often with funk overtones. Black Jazz
released various types of music including funk, free jazz, and soul jazz.
According to a 1974 Billboard Magazine, one of the label's more successful
artists, Doug Carn, sold more records than Dave Brubeck and Ramsey Lewis.
The label existed for six years during its first run, and ended following the
death of Russell. In the early 1990s the label and its catalog were purchased
by James Hardge. While only one new album by Doug Carn was
released, the entire catalog was reissued on CD. -from

Gene Russell - New Direction 1971
Walter Bishop, Jr. - Coral Keys 1971
Doug Carn - Infant Eyes 1971
Rudolph Johnson - Spring Rain 1971
Calvin Keys - Shawn-Neeq 1971
Chester Thompson - Powerhouse 1971
Henry Franklin - The Skipper 1972
Doug Carn - Spirit Of The New Land 1972
The Awakening - Hear, Sense And Feel 1972
Gene Russell - Talk To My Lady 1973
Rudolph Johnson - The Second Coming 1973
Kellee Patterson - Maiden Voyage 1973
Walter Bishop, Jr. - Keeper Of My Soul 1973
Doug Carn - Revelation 1973
The Awakening - Mirage 1973
Doug Carn - Adam's Apple 1974
Henry Franklin - The Skipper At Home 1974
Calvin Keys - Proceed With Caution! 1974
Roland Haynes - The Second Wave 1975
Cleveland Eaton - Plenty Good Eaton 1975


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