Sunday, April 16, 2017

You Know The Feeling .....! !!

First off, I need to thank my friend Money Cat for sharing his file of this
album; The rip is not my doing. I bought a sealed copy of this on Ebay
the other week, based on the fact that he is a Texas Jazz artist who
resides/ plays in Austin. He worked at IBM, playing gigs on the side
until he was approached by Lionel Hampton to tour in Europe and
NYC, taking a hiatus from his job to do so. He then returned to
Austin and "almost became a musical recluse, not performing
again until 1977". He was then asked to play for Ray Charles,
which he quickly accepted, and soon received a Grammy nom.
for writing an arrangement of "Some Enchanted Evening".
More info on him can be found here.

Keyboards, Vocals - James Polk
Bass - Larry Ball
Guitar - Juewett Bostic
Drums - Mike Bayer
Flugelhorn - Al White
Flugelhorn - Stuart Aptekar
Soprano Sax  - Rickey Woodard
Tenor Sax - Mark Rowland
Trombone - Fred Wesley
Handclaps - James Polk, Rickey Woodard, Al White
Background Vocals - Ann Johnson, Debbie Ketchens

James Polk & Co.



  2. Replies
    1. For sure! I recently messaged him on Facebook, and he said that he's still playing in Austin. He also invited me to come see him perform the next time I'm in town. Very nice of him!

  3. Very cool! I'm originally from San Antonio, and have lived in Austin twice. And I may be moving back there. One brother is there, and another is probably moving it would be cool to be in the same town as family again.

    1. Austin is a great city. I live in downtown Houston. But my girlfriend's twin lives in Austin, so we go there a few times a year. The Hill Country is gorgeous

    2. I love the Hill Country. I spent a lot of my childhood summers there, as we had a home at Canyon Lake. I'd love to retire there.