Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Mr. Wallace!!

Wallace Roney is somewhat overlooked. Perhaps it's that his hard bop style came along a little too late in the game. However, the man has creds. Here is a snip from Wiki:

'Roney took lessons from Clark Terry and Dizzy G. and studied with Miles Davis from 1985 until the latter's death in 1991. Wallace credits Davis as having helped to challenge and shape his creative approach to life as well as being his music instructor, mentor and friend; indeed he holds the distinction of being the only trumpet player Davis ever personally mentored.'

I know Miles kind of dropped the ball in those later years...but he was still Miles Davis, so you gotta give Wallace what's due. This is a compilation of his work put out by Savoy, which is a cheap import label. It is still worth your time, though. Not anything ground breaking or strange about the sound. Just good jazz from a lesser-known.

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