Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now's The Time!!

And a follow up with a true jazz bad-drop. The immensely dope Richard Davis' 'Now's The Time'. The bass line on the first cut (Epistrophy) is soooo venomous! Each cut hovers around 20 minutes but I suggest you play them all the way through. Richard's other album done around the same era 'Dealin' is, in my opinion, more palatable but 'Now's The Time' speaks great volume with it's socio-conscious tones and free jazz yields. It is a great live performance in this sub-genre of spiritual free-soul jazz. I threw in an extra song (Highest Mountain) which is not on the original LP release but is on the CD format< I could be mistaken with that, but whatever. Anyway....The time is NOW!


  1. how did i and everyone sleep on this? been fattening my crates with jazz especially Strata East/Muse joints. THANK YOU!!!!!! -MC

    1. The cover alone justifies how cool it is