Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 by Philip Cohran!!

Long time, no see! Anyway, back to it... I can not speak too highly of this man's worth. In both musical and political-social stance, Phil has filled the air with dopeness, having only a fraction of the tunes recorded for the future, sadly. Nevertheless, here is an album of compiled material from the 60's/ 70's put out in 2001 ( info) with a repost of the memorial to Malcolm X because it is just so damn good. G-g-g-get to it, Jack!


If you are familiar with Phil Cohran than you probably love his angry spiritual jazz compositions. Here, he made an entire album to honor Malcolm X, and it is wicked. Each 4 songs correspond with a part of the brother's life, and Phil did a superb job at showing heavy respect. Honor Brother Malcolm!


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    1. Thanks for showin love J-naut. And, I hope you enjoy these tunes

  3. Great jazz tribute to Malcolm X !
    Thanks to share it EdEddEddie

    1. Somglad you dig it, Sub. And ,welcome back to the blogosphere