Friday, March 24, 2017

Office Romance (Служебный роман) OST !!

USSR state label Мелодия (Melody) was founded in 1964. It was the only label
within the Soviet Union after that year. I recently came across six albums from
this label which were released in the 70's and 80's. This is by far the best of
those finds. In Cyrillic, the title is Служебный Роман, and it's soundtrack
meanders through Jazz, Library, and funky Pop. Mine is a 1979 reissue,
so I've provided both it's cover as well as the original.

Conductor – Э. Хачатурян*
Engineer [Uncredited] – Юрий Рабинович
Music By – Андрей Петров
Orchestra – Оркестр Госкино СССР*
Vocals – А. Фрейндлих* (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B10, B13), А. Мягков* (tracks: A6, B7, B9, B13)
Vocals [Вокальный Ансамбль] – Unknown Artist

Андрей Петров
(Andrey Petrov)

**1979 reissue cover

**original cover
movie poster



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    1. You're welcome! It's a great find. Abs if you're into sampling, it has a few gems

  3. Would it be possible to re-upload this, please? Thanks very much for your site!