Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Guitar Interludes !!

I ran across this album the other day for only a couple dollars,
so I had to get it. Little did I know that this 1977 reissue is worth
about $50. The original is in the couple hundred range. Joe is 
considered by many to be one of the greatest Jazz guitarists
of the 20th century. This was apparently the record which
bumped him out of a career slump.

Arranged By, Conductor – Robert C. Smale*
Bass – Monty Budwig
Cello – Jess Ehrlich*
Design [Album] – Dilleen Marsh
Drums – Colin Bailey
Engineer [Consulting] – Rod Nicas
Executive-Producer – Dennis Smith (4)
Graphics – Jeremy Kay (4)
Guitar – Joe Pass
Keyboards – Mike Melvoin
Percussion – Victor Feldman
Producer – Albert Marx
Rhythm Guitar – Vincent Terri
Vocals – Bob Tebow, Gene Merlino, Gwen Johnson, Jim Bryant, John Bahler, Nancy Adams, Vangie Carmichael

Joe Pass



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    1. Yeah I've only recently gotten into his lead work. This album has some great moments