Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Will Come, Is Now !!

Described as "the pivot around which much of
Sun Ra's music revolved for 8 years", Ronnie
had quite a career as a sideman. He only
released a single lead album, though.
He passed too soon at the age of 44

Ronnie Boykins



  2. Pivotal Is the word that best describes Ronnie's position in the Arkestra. Apparently Sun Ra was VERY upset at his decision the leave the band and tried to get him back several times. He succeeded for a few recordings, Astro Black for one. As evidence of the hard feelings on Sonny's part, I have a copy of Nubians of Plutonia on El Saturn and on the back cover, every reference to Ronnie Boykins had be blocked out with a black magic marker or covered with opaque white tape!

  3. i know this will be excellent. thank you!