Friday, September 14, 2012

Malo Means Bad!!

...In Spanish, that is. First of all, this Baroque style cover by Jesus Helguera seals the deal as something of interest. It also strongly suggests this to be of Latin style. And that, it is. It was the first from a 12 piece San Fran clan. A funky punch in the gut, with Roy Murray's screaming trumpet, righteous percussions, Pablo's nasty bass, and a host of other instruments involved. Malo hits it out of the park with a self titled album that you can dance to or just sit and chill to the many rhythms. Now let us thank Daz again for bringing this delight to life for you and I. Daz, you are too cool for school, Jack! So, if you aren't bad like Malo, then give a listen and take a lesson. 

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  1. Shan't you?