Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Free Slave!!

"Straight ahead jazz with a funky trip", is how one review describes it. Another beautiful early 70's release from Muse. Roy Brooks is obviously noted as a superior drummer and leader, though all of the present musicians are deserving here. Listed on the cover, here is what they play: 

Cecil McBee-bass
Woody Shaw-trumpet (b4 he was well known)
Hugh Lawson-piano
George Coleman-sax

This is considered Roy's top release, and it just might be. Considering that it's a recorded live show, this quintet has impressive timing and musical banter. It is a lot more organized than his 'Ethnic Expression' with the Artistic Truth (and I promise to post that one soon for yuz guyz). 'Ethnic Expression' is really solid, just not as well performed as well as garage-made in recording quality. Any spiritual soul jazz lover will want anything by Roy. If he is new to you, start with this magical gem. Do yourself a favor and drop this in your crate!



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