Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Harlem River Drive !!

Harlem River Drive
Eddie Palmieri's parents moved from Puerto Rico to South Bronx in 1926. There, he and his brother Charlie were born. He was very musically inclined, performing at Carnegie Hall at age 11, and devouring many styles, both Latin and American. Eddie's first professional group was Conjunto La Perfecta which featured singer Ismael Quintana. This would be just the beginning of a prolific career in which Latin sounds would remain a deep source of inspiration and inclination. His discography is well worth investigating. Palmieri's band Harlem River Drive is my favorite of that catalogue, and probably the most popular of his work. Here's a great article on the group



  2. One of the best latin jazz-funk albums, with varius top sideman and musics in varius incredible albums