Thursday, July 13, 2017

Anastasia Mio Fratello OST !!

First off, I've two requested re-ups: the Abbey Lincoln, and William Onyeabor posts. I appreciate all of you who visit and enjoy this blog, and I'm never bothered by requests. I always try to fulfill them in a timely manner, so don't hesitate asking. The easiest method for me is to message this blogs Facebook page. And now, today's album... Very typical of Piero, this soundtrack contains elements of Jazz, Funk, Big Band, and Pop. Even if film scores really aren't your thing, his work is worth adding to your library. I have shared this album before back in 2013, but the link is long dead, and it fits in with my recent theme of OSTs. So, here we are :) Enjoy!

GDM Music presents for the first absolute time on CD the OST by Piero Piccioni for the movie "Anastasia mio fratello ovvero il presunto capo dell'anonima Assassini" (aka" My Brother Anastasia") directed in 1973 by Steno and starring Alberto Sordi and Richard Conte. Don Salvatore (Sordi) leaves Calabria to fly to New York where he is assumed as vice-parish priest in Santa Lucia, Little Italy. His brother Alberto, known as Big Al among friends, is believed the boss of Italian criminal organization specializing in murders, but Don Salvatore does not realize about this situation. When Alberto is put on a trial (and later is killed after detention), Don Salvatore comes back to Italy, still convinced about his brother's innocence. Piero Piccioni has written one of the best scores of his long artistic relationship with Alberto Sordi alternating American flavoured Beat style music to extremely melodic music. For this CD, besides the original album stereo master tape, the complete stereo session master tapes were used that gave the chance to use beyond half hour of extra music previously unreleased and properly restored and remastered in digital.

Piero Piccioni

Piero P.

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