Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Forbidden World OST !!

I recently bought this soundtrack on a whim while making a pit stop at Vinal Edge Records here in Houston, which is honestly the best record store in town. I didn't look it up on Youtube, since I tend to buy records the old fashion way: take a chance and hear whatever it may be. It's pressed on beautiful clear vinyl, and came with not one, but two posters from the film. Enjoy ...

Unavailable since the film's release in 1982, Susan Justin’s music for FORBIDDEN WORLD – produced by the legendary Roger Corman – mixes the electronic influences of the time with splashes of new wave, creating a score that fuses the eerie tonalities and avant-garde sensibility of ALIEN with the straight-up funk of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Birthed from this is a cult classic score that deserves to be held up alongside the works of Richard Band and Alan Howarth.

What immediately stands out from the score is the amazing main theme, a melodic groove firmly embedded in the 80s synth movement, complete with creepy vocal effects overlaying its driving keyboard line. Originally a parody that Corman turned into a straight horror, the score is used typically to create tension with isolated piano and harsh electronic tones, acting as a stereotypical precursor to the horror moments. Amidst all this is also the ‘Blaster Beam’, a unique instrument famous for its use in Jerry Goldsmith’s STAR TREK – THE MOTION PICTURE. A fantastic voyage amongst the stars full of offbeat melodies and alien tones, this is a musical world that demands multiple visits. -Mondotees.com

Susan Justin