Thursday, January 18, 2018

1998:La Storia Di Sabazio !!

The fifth and final post of Prog-Rock. It's been interesting to delve into this genre. Specifically, to hear a slice of how Italy interpreted it. 

"To say [that] Emerson Lake & Palmer were highly influential in Italy would be the understatement of the decade during the 70's: not only were Le Orme, and Banco DMS, but countless lesser-known bands that recorded just on[e] or two albums at the time. Amongst which Triade (named after the Chinese mafia), a keyboard-dominated trio (from Florence) whose sole album was released in 73 on a small label named Derby. While there has been three different reissues, (Si-Wan, Vynil Magic and a MMG-Warner issue), none give out any kind of info (legible to this writer) as to whether this album is a concept album (but most likely it is) and they are obviously augmented by at least one string player (a cellist is sure), which could be the bassist."
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