Thursday, January 11, 2018

Voci !!

The third installment to my recent
Prog-Rock posts. And, although this
album is often categorized under that
sub-genre, I feel that it borders more
on the Neo-Classical side. Regardless,
let me know what you think ... What
genre do you think it is? Enjoy ...

'"When I composed Voci my main aim was to get rid of the symphonic rock sound clichés, and bring music to a total dimension. My academic training helped me to form and structure melody, harmony and rhythm in order to create a kind of sonic phase, far away from foreign influences able to reach the sun-rays of sonic universe in those days. In all tracks I tried to sound alive, highlighting expressive dynamics, looking for more innovation and a new approach to counterpoints. Voci is a record that still surprises me after more than 30 years although my composing work has taken a very different course nowadays." -Luciano Basso, July 2007

Luciano Basso is a keyboard extraordinaire from Venice who started playing as a child of 10 years old. He had a deep musical education, is a composer and concert performer, and currently teaches music as well. He has recorded many albums that I have not heard, this first one I believe is the most "prog" while later material became more in the contemporary classical music style. Voci is a dynamic instrumental powerhouse with much life and vigor, and album guaranteed to delight fans of solid composition, virtuoso piano playing, and those who enjoy strings in their prog.'

Luciano Basso